The American Saddlebred

At Twin Lakes Stable, we train American Saddlebred horses and Hackney Ponies. Saddlebreds are an especially beautiful and intelligent breed, that are fun to ride or drive. The ideal Saddlebred has a long, arched neck that is carried high with elegance and expression. Saddlebreds are also bred for high “motion” or stepping. They are an animated breed that is highly responsive and comfortable, like a finely tuned sports car. Style, quality, and refinement are desirable traits for Saddlebreds. One of the breed’s special features is that it has inherited a special predisposition for learning two extra gaits: the elegant slow gait and the flashy and fast rack. These are man-made, four-beat gaits that certain Saddlebred horses are trained to do at a young age. The slow gait and the rack are gaits that are only found within the Saddlebred breed. Several five gaited horses often frequent the Twin Lakes training program throughout the year. Above everything, the American Saddlebred breed's most distinguishing trait is its high intelligence. Happy, alert, and curious, American Saddlebreds possess a people-oriented personality, endearing them to their owners and admirers.

The beauty of the american saddlebred